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Welcome to Alexander Technologies, where our sole purpose is to provide you with the highest levels of service and quality and the maximum benefits from today's innovative home and office technologies. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We are passionate about our work and the benefits we can bring to people like you, who are ready to embrace the very best this new connected lifestyle has to offer, whether at work, rest or play.

At Alexander Technologies, we design with a "whole system" view, recognizing that the demands brought on by these new technologies require far more than just efficient implementation and expert integration. You have a right to expect that as a matter of course. It goes without saying that the equipment you purchase should be user-friendly, not frustrating. A remotely controlled lighting system is no good if only one person in the building can figure it out!

We're interested in every aspect of how our systems will fit into your environment to support and enhance the needs and demands of your lifestyle and work patterns. We recognize only too well that in so many homes, technology and design don't always mix very well. By working closely with the best architects and designers, we can ensure that everything is integrated, both elegantly as well as functionally, into the room or environment you are trying to create.

Alexander Technologies was formed to provide homes and small businesses, in particular, with one place that they could trust with all their technical questions and needs. In over twenty years of operation based here in Los Angeles, our team of sharp, articulate engineers and designers has continued to provide answers and solutions to literally hundreds of loyal customers throughout Southern California.

Our Design Principles

With every system we provide, regardless of how large or small, we observe and put into practice several important design principles, including:

  • Aesthetics
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Future Proofing
  • Simplicity
  • Total Value

Today's technologies no longer need to be obtrusive; rather they can become an elegant and aesthetic part of any given environment's decor. From the trusted "name" brands we select, to the caliber of people we employ, right down to the quality of components and fixtures we use as standard. Our near-obsessive attention to detail, combined with the highest specifications in our design, all ensure a safer, better performing, more reliable and longer lasting system, engineered for future technologies.

Our systems are designed so that anyone can understand and use them. Although we cater for the most demanding and discerning of video and audiophiles, we are equally "at home" with customers who are more budget-conscious. In all our relationships with our customers we strive for what we call "total value", which encompasses all that we do. It is reflected in the level of customer service we provide, our design engineering, the quality brands we sell, and the fair pricing you will find throughout our entire range of products and services.

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