Automation and Lighting Systems

Automation Systems are, more often than not, both daunting and expensive. At Alexander Technologies, we don't believe they have to be. When properly designed and installed, automation for the home or office should be no more difficult than heating leftovers in the microwave.

Our automation design, engineering and installation teams combine the enhancements of convenience with energy and financial conservation, by simplifying the operation of home or office lighting, entertainment, security, fire prevention and climate control systems.

Automation of heating, air conditioning and lighting is likely to be the most obvious area where both your monthly bills and your quality of life are improved. Imagine turning off all the lights in your home with a button next to your bed. Better yet, imagine being able to control your security system from an Internet browser in your vacation home in Hawaii. We can do the same with your lighting, heating and air conditioning, as well as any aspect of your security system including individual cameras. Indeed, our brilliant engineers can meet any custom need you can imagine.

If you would prefer a more gradual easing into automation, we can also help you start small. Want your TV remote control to dim the lights? How about pressing the number (9) on any phone in the house to open the front door?

Contact our automation design-engineering team to tailor and match the way you wish to automate and control the systems in your life at or 866-299-4363 .

Webpoint® allows you to easily control your home or office systems from any internet browser.
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Vantage®'s color touchpanels allow you to control with utter simplicity any combination of audio/video, lighting, climate and security features.

Aprilaire® Temperature Control