Alexander Technologies' Finder's Fee Program

Alexander Technologies is extending to our partner and customer network a lucrative finder’s fee for bringing us project leads that result in a sale.

Projects sold based on your referral ranging from $5,000 - $75,000 are awarded a 7% finder’s fee, and projects exceeding $75,000 are awarded an astounding 9%.

Technologies that qualify for referral are:

Home Entertainment:

  • Home theater systems
  • Multi-room audio / video and outdoor audio systems

Home Office:

  • PC, Mac, Local Area networks
  • Telecommunication systems

House-wide Systems:

  • Automation and Lighting systems
  • Security and surveillance
  • Retrofit and new construction wiring

Retail and Commercial Audio/Visual Solutions:

  • Conference room systems
  • Flatscreen and Video Wall display systems
  • Restaurant, club, and bar audio systems

How It Works

Call us at 866-299-4363 or fill out and submit the form below. Provide your name and contact information and at a minimum, the name of the person or company being referred for an estimate.

Indicate whether you’d like us to call or email the referral. Upon your submission, we email you a confirmation within 48 hours after your referral has been received providing you receipt for the referral.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your commission is sent via check by postal mail upon the referred customer’s final signoff on the completion of the project and when full payment is made. The check is issued to you and mailed within 21 days of both these conditions being satisfied.
  • The sale must close within three months of referral for payment to be valid.
  • Those that qualify for referral payment will be subject to local, state and federal tax guidelines.
  • Move, add & change orders beyond the original contract amount are not subject to referral payment
  • If privacy is requested (either on the phone or in the form below), your identity will be kept confidential.
  • You have the option of submitting as many referrals as you like.
  • If a project is abandoned, for any reason, prior to final completion signoff or final payment, all claims to a commission are void.
  • Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

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