Wiring Services for Retrofit and New Construction

Our wiring and engineering teams work with clients in the design and installation of cabling plans to meet both existing and future needs, in productivity and communication, as well as entertainment.

Our retrofit wiring team is one of the finest in the nation. We plan and implement wiring in such a way that the work is minimally invasive and minimally disruptive.

Combining these fundamental elements ensures client satisfaction by providing the home or office with an efficient "plug-n-play" environment for computers, Internet, home audio or dozens of interface devices.

Additionally, for those wishing to be "wireless," we employ a wide variety of wireless solutions for both home and corporate networks.

Contact our wiring design and engineering team for all your wiring and wireless needs at  contact@alexandertech-la.com. or 866-299-4363.

Building or remodeling your home or office? our wiring teams are among the finest in the world. whether we're running new wires in an old home, or starting from square one, we can help you plan and implement new wiring at minimal expense and headaches.
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Alexander Technologies' structured wiring enclosures keep your home's wire distribution clean, safe, and flexible.

Structured cable is a bundle of different wire types that are run throughout your home giving you unlimited options for your voice, audio, video, data, and lighting distribution.